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यशाच्या वाटेवर

असंख्य प्रेरणादायी कथा आणि प्रसंगांसह चला सुरू करूया प्रवास ‘यशाच्या वाटेवर’.

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I wrote the book ‘Yashachya Vatevar (On the Road to Success)’ because, if we consider success as a journey, then we have to walk on this path of success, we have to go ahead, we have to fall, we have to stumble. Sometimes there are ups and downs in this journey, sometimes there are moments of hope and despair. After all, this is where your character comes from.

So how to reach this success? This requires guidance along the way, which will show you the path to definite success. Which will act as a guide. These guides are all around us but most of the time they are not visible. They come and go in your life, but most of the time you don’t recognize them. I am bringing together so many guides through my first book called ‘Yashachya Vatevar (On the Road to Success)’.

In this book you will find many stories and incidents. Which will help you reach your success. Your desire for success will increase moment by moment. This book will serve as a beacon in your journey to success. I hope you love and respond to my first book. Let’s start the journey on the path to success with so many inspiring stories and events.

-Akshay Teli (Author of ‘Yashachya Vatevar’)


Akshay Teli is a Indian motivational speaker, vlogger and author. He delivers more than 500 speeches in public meeting. His speeches on subject Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, Aai(Mother), Chinta Soda Sukhane Jaga, Yashacha Password etc. are popular in Maharashtra. His first book “Yashachya Vatevar” is going to publish in December 2020.


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Yashachya Vatevar

The book is divided into 23 full chapters. Each chapter offers solutions and suggestions to face some of the difficult problems of life and develop one's personality and personal skills. Some of the suggestions mentioned in this book are—“Politeness, Self Confidence, Work is Worship etc.”
Publisher: Ocean Group India ()
Yashachya Vatevar Book Cover